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My Tone Excel Sdn Bhd Branch Agreement was TERMINATED prematurely on 24th Sept. 2013.

The reason given is, that I am promoting the 1WHP program, which the Tone Excel Management claims is in competition with their business.

I was sent a Legal Notice, via a Legal firm, and informed of the termination through an email and I received the termination notice via registered mail the following day. They did NOT call me to talk or discuss about the matter at all. I was terminated just like that.

I have been building the Tone Excel business for 3+ years now, and I estimate that I would have contributed directly and indirectly to the sale of about 50,000+ SIM cards.

I also played a key role in creating the powerpoint presentations, I conducted talks for the company, I gave trainings, I participated in roadshows, I designed and maintained a powerful affiliate website, I created a SMS notification system, I gave out monthly cash prizes, and did my very best so that my everyone who joined this program will be able to achieve success.

However, since Tone Group Management started the Tone Plus program, I have focussed mainly on that.

Unfortunately, my Branch Agreement was terminated prematurely and as such I have already commenced LEGAL ACTION against Tone Excel Sdn. Bhd..

Robert Paragasam
(Owner of Starz Smart Business and Founder of Starz Network)

p/s: Please show your support by sharing this post. I am seeking justice.


You can download the termination notice that I received from Tone Excel Management by clicking on this link:- Termination Notice. Go ahead and read it. What do you think? Is it justified?


You can also download a copy of the Legal Notice that I sent to the company here:- Legal Notice

One person TERMINATED, but the other receives a reward?

This is Hanafi, a good friend of mine, and my upline (introducer) in 1WHP. He is also a Service Center for Tone Plus. In fact, I am the one who introduced Hanafi into the Tone Plus program.

Hanafi has a much bigger network than mine in 1WHP. He also has a large group of Tone Plus members as his downline in 1WHP. His total income from 1WHP is easily 3x to 4x higher than mine.

However, the Tone Group Management has given him the Best Leadership Award for 2013, RM500 Cash and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, on their Anniversary Dinner on 18th Oct. 2013.

My Premium Branch on the other hand was TERMINATED for my involvement in 1WHP. I would like to know the logic behind this.

p/s: I have asked Hanafi Ahmad Rafaee permission to publish this photo, and he agreed to allow me to use it. Thank you bro.

p/p/s: Please show your support by sharing this post. I am seeking justice and I need your support.

What Can YOU do to help?

You can do the following:-

1) You can email the company at info@toneexcel.com and ask them for an explanation. After all everyone is entitled to know the truth.
2) You can call them up at 03-90543809 or 010-5000969 or 010-5333969 and ask them about this.
3) You can share this page in your social media sites.

I humbly seek your support. All I am seeking is justice. And right now, you are in a position to assist me. Please do the right thing.

Thank You.

Robert Paragasam
Ownner of Starz Smart Business
Founder of Starz Network

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